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What We Offer

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Gas Turbine Components

Substantial Inventory


•J-85 (8 stage)

•low total time




•Many parts with airworthiness paperwork

•There are standard conversions for times and cycles from civil to military applications


•Low total time

•3 segment liners

•Very little fretting, wear, corrosion and cracking

Propulsion Research

Applied Research Projects

ATG evolved from the internationally renowned Larsen Motorsports (LMS) jet racing team.  It didn’t happen overnight. Over the years, LMS was requested to conduct various ad hoc applied research projects by numerous aviation and aerospace related corporations, as well as educational institutions Florida Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Eastern Florida State College

  • Turbine Engine Test Platform  

    • Alternative fuels​

    • 3 D Printed Gaskets

    • Coatings

    • Research

    • Specialized Metals

Digital Design

Digital Twin Capabilities

•Lifecycle Design

•Predictive Maintenance

•Aerodynamic Solutions

•Finite Element Analysis

•Digital Scanning

•Siemens CAD/CAM


•Star CCM+

•Team Center


Aerospace Welding

Welding Capabilities

ATG is a multi process facility, primarily focusing on TIG and MIG with the following materials:

-all stainless steel 

-all aluminum 

-all carbon steel




Welding equipment in house includes:

-Miller Dynasty Series 210, 280 and 400

-Miller Matic Series 115, 225, 255 and 350 


We have large surface plates and fixturing capable of tolerances within .030, and often closer.


Our specialties are space frame welding and welding of high temperature materials used in gas turbine combustion areas.

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